Weekly Journal Prompt, Week Six

02 10 2015 journal prompt week 6

Still with the sickies! This last week was a long one…bronchitis, colds, teething and a last-minute hunting trip for my husband. Luckily for me, I did have a short break. While he was out of town, my in-laws watched the kids while I headed into town to teach a kids art class during a school fundraiser. It was a lot of fun, and I got some me time.

During that time, I went and took a walk in Swords Park. The park is located on top of the cliffs in Billings and offers a wonderful view of the city, as well as the mountains off in the distance. Since it was unseasonably warm, there were a lot of people out. But once I got off the main path and onto some of the ledges, I was able to enjoy the solitude. So for this journal page, I picked a theme of

quiet places.

Just a quick, simple sketch done from time looking out at all the buildings and trees in town. Hopefully this week everyone will continue to get better and I can spend a bit more time doing pages with a few more layers and complexity. Fingers crossed!

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