Up Late: More swap work

Perfect flowers. Perfect colors.
Perfect flowers. Perfect colors.

In case you couldn’t already tell, I love making stuff for other people. And after making myself two tiny things, I am back to the giftness. But it’s probably a good thing because events sneak up really fast. So tonight I worked on a craft swap. I am going against my better judgement in two ways. First, I opted for crocheting which has been hurting my fingers and wrists lately. Second, I am attempting a hat. I historically destroy those. So we will see what I manage to create. The good news is, I am a third of the way done, so I will know how it’s going pretty fast.

It's actually looking hat-ish, so I'm not too worried. Yet.
It’s actually looking hat-ish, so I’m not too worried. Yet.

Also, I know Valentine’s Day is over, but I still wanted to share. I love orchids. Looking at them, drawing them, taking pictures of them…they are just wonderfully perfect. My husband and I only celebrate Valentine’s Day about once every three years, and this must have been the year. He sent a basket with five orchid plants (four in full bloom) to my office. The header picture is a closeup on one of the stripey blooms. It was a pretty sweet surprise. Plus it gives me something new to sketch in the morning.

My yarn is still calling me. I think I need to get in a few more rows before bed. See you later!

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