A darn good weekend

Little hands, super busy.
Little hands, super busy.

This weekend I traded crafting time for birthday time. My husband’s birthday is today, and fort he first time in years, he was actually home for it. We celebrated by ditching our kid with her grandparents and spending all day doing stuff he likes. Luckily, I liked a lot of it too. We went to an RV show, antique show, auto auction and out to an awesome dinner. It meant zero craft time, but I did find a few supplies and ideas at the antique show. So I am counting it as a win.

Today I got some boxes out, labeled them with shapes and got my daughter to help me sort out supplies. Instead of boxes that says “donate” or “limbo” they had circles or stars. She would grab an item, and I would name a shape. It actually worked out really well. She had a lot of fun, and I was able to stay sitting in one spot and sort. A couple more nights, and I should have some supplies ready to mail off to friends.

Best of all, going through my stash always gets me a bit excited to make more stuff. So I think tomorrow night I will be really antsy to get started. I have two projects in mind, I just need to see which one wins!

Oh, random sidebar. A few weeks ago, I cleaned out two shelves of our hall closet to make space for all the kid stuff that can’t go into a kid room. Play doh, coloring books, games with small pieces, etc. During that process, I realized there were some gaps I wanted to fill in as far as art supplies go. She doesn’t have any of her own paints, so I figured it was time. I ordered a Discount School Supply catalog and found a few goodies.  I chose powdered tempera paints (in red, blue, yellow and white), paint cups with double lids, watercolors and dough extruders. The first thing to get tested was the extruders. Mostly because they were easy and not really messy. Perfect for a 3-year-old geeking out over new art supplies. But today I busted out the new paints, and I have to say I am very happy! I went with powdered paints in basic colors because I wanted the freedom to mix up whatever colors she asks for. Plus, she doesn’t paint every single week, and I don’t want my investment drying up. So she requested pink, purple and green and got to work. After mixing the paint and seeing how it handled, I have to say I am very happy. I will definitely be trying more of their supplies in the future. Oh, and I should mention I don’t know anyone at DSS, and I am not being compensated. Just passing along a happy word to other people looking for fun supplies.

Now I am off to sort out a few more things so I can start working as soon as my little lady heads to bed tomorrow night. Have a great night everyone!

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  1. Labelling with shapes – brilliant! My nephew is starting to be that age where he wants to help with stuff and we can’t always figure out ways to involve him.. I will have to remember that.

    Glad to hear she’s all kitted-out with fun stuff! Too cool.

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