Start Small: Time is running out!

If you had asked me ten years ago, I would’ve said I hate floral prints. Even five years ago. Then one day I woke up and realized I have florals everywhere. My wallet, purse, lunchbox and half my shirts. And my new shirt is no exception.

Today was so nice. A real lunch break at work and I got to leave on time. It has been so long since both of those happened. During break, I got to head over to Montana Vintage. The owner recently moved everything into a larger store, and everything looks great. Plus, I found an awesome, flowy top for only $7! All I need to do is take in the sides a bit and it will be ready to wear.

Now we only have only one month to go until Christmas. This is about when I start getting all wired and worried about getting things done. But I have yet to not finish anything, so hopefully this year will be on trend with the usual.

Sadly, I already cut into a bunch of my crafting time tonight. Darn banking and bills. So here is my list of things to do this week, and then it’s off to crocheting.

  • Afghan square(s). I’m not even going to mention a number, because then I can’t fail.
  • Cut out doll parts.
  • Find doll hair.
  • Cut out grill mitt pieces.
  • Finish sister-in-laws pillow
  • Work on jars with L

It’s times like this I wish I had a CD player in my craft room…maybe after Christmas. But until then, I will just let the sounds of the sewing machine motivate me.

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