I messed with my camera color settings. And then quickly regretted it. But here it is (in whatever color), today’s craftermath.

If I only said one thing, it would be that this was a damn good weekend. But I never say just one thing, do I? Thanksgiving was really nice and low-key. I was lucky enough to end the night napping in front of a fire. The rest of the weekend was relatively laid-back as well. While we did have some chores to do, it was nothing like a normal weekend. Thank goodness.

The downside is not once, but TWICE I planned on crafting at a location other than my house and manged to forget a critical supply or tool. In the first case, I drove to town to hang out at my mom’s house and work on my husband’s gift. What did I forget? The entire damn project. Nice. The next day, I went to my in-laws and forgot my embroidery hoop. When I try to work without a hoop, my work looks all lumpy and awful, so I didn’t bother. And to make myself feel better, I had Kahlua and cocoa.

Stirring glue with everything she’s got.
Embroidery, about two-thirds done.

Despite my own best efforts to thwart my own craft plans, I still did get a lot done. For some reason, during holidays and extra days off, I get this feeling of entitlement. I earned this holiday, and I’m gonna use it for me! So pretty much any time my butt was near a seat, I took advantage of it. So how did my week stack up? Let’s see:

  • One afghan square: Didn’t even happen. At all. This gift may be cursed.
  • Get a good chunk done on my sister-in-law’s gift: Nailed it! Embroidery well over half done. Once that’s wrapped up, assembly will be a snap.
  • Really start planning my father-in-laws gift and test the materials: Also done. Now I just need to buy a lot of interfacing.
  • Help L start her grandparent gifts: We got three things done, so we still have to work on projects about three more times. But she can really only focus for about 20 minutes, so not too bad.
  • Start on a December Giveaway Day item for Sew Mama Sew: Idea done and materials gathered.

So I don’t feel too bad at all. The afghan thing is starting to piss me off, but I will win eventually. And I have a backup plan anyway. So here we are, One month to Christmas. I may be starting to sweat it a bit.

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