Bear goes to the hospital

He looks really happy for a dude who just had his arm reattached.

Sometime I make big, long lists about things I need to do. Sometime I turn them into Start Small projects. And others, I don’t plan, I just do. It feels nice.

My daughter got a new bear about a week ago. It’s the kind that can be heated or cooled for little sickies. Normally, but I would skip buying it and make one instead (shocker, huh?). But it’s the holidays, and I am already up to my ears in projects. Plus, we almost never buy her things she asks for. Most of the time, she gets to wave to the stuffed animals because they are sleeping or leave the chocolate milk for other kids. But we made an exception. And what happens? Five days and one use into ownership, the seam holding his arm to his body starts to unravel. Lucky for me, this is nothing new. The monkey she got at Build A Bear last year has already gone under the needle twice. But the point is, I did it. I didn’t throw it into a mending pile to unearth months later. So I feel pretty good.

Now that bear is back from the hospital, it’s time to think about a week of crafting. So what do I have planned for this week? Let’s see…

  • One afghan square, the one I didn’t do last week. With my husband home all week, getting that much done will be a miracle. I will kick it up a bit next week.
  • Get a good chunk done on my sister-in-law’s gift. Should be easy to do on Thanksgiving and the day after.
  • Really start planning my father-in-laws gift and test the materials.
  • Help L start her grandparent gifts. This will also be something I do a guest blog post about for a friend.
  • Start on a December Giveaway Day item for Sew Mama Sew. That is coming up fast!

I think this a decent list for now. Especially considering I still need to make food for the holiday. I really know how to put pressure on myself. But at least I have fun with it.

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