Some productive time, some nap time

Naps always upset me a bit. I love them, and sometimes I clearly need them, but I always pick the worst possible times. Sunday afternoon and tons of chores to do? Yeah, that’s the time to crash for two hours. I blame it on the couch. That evil beast is oh so comfy. Pretty much, you touch it and you’re done.

On the upside, I’m not feeling too bad because I did pretty decent with staying on top of things. So how did I do? Let’s recap:

  • Vanilla sugar: DONE!
  • Transfer the pattern for my sister-in-laws gift: not done
  • Make two more afghan squares: one done!
  • Hunt down my doll pattern: DONE!
  • Felt a wool jacket I have for one of L’s gifts: DONE!
  • Bake the dishes I painted: DONE and DONE!

I went to transfer my S.I.L.’s pattern, and realized my fabric pencil is total crap. So when I went out on Saturday, I invested in two good marking tools. I did lose half a day of crafting to shopping on Saturday, but it was worth it. My husband watched L so I could shop totally alone and unimpeded. Nothing slows me down like a potty training toddler new to underpants. But back to the main story. I am now 90% done with buying anything I need for Christmas and my kiddo’s birthday. Now I just need to start assembling things.

I was happy that in the midst of my errands, I did drop off the wedding gift that was approximately one month overdue. Even better, that means I can share with you!

The front has my own version of a stylized skull, a favorite motif for the bride and groom. I added their initials and used black and red, their favorite colors.
The groom is a musician, so the middle bowl has the quote “Love is friendship set to music”.
The other side of that bowl.

Friday was a great day because the art museum got an Art-O-Mat. For those not familiar, the company takes old cigarette vending machines, gives them a makeover, and loads them with art. For $5, you get one piece of awesome, unique and tiny art. Since the museum is right across the street from my work, three other ladies and I went over there and blew cash for our break. A tiny coptic book, earring, ceramic robots…all came from that awesome green machine.

The Yellowstone Art Museum go an Art-O-Mat! A few girls from work and I went there and fed in $5 bills like it was a loose slot machine. And in a way, it was. We won every time.
Robot friends!

At home that night, I started to tear into a magenta wool jacket from my stash. I have a gift idea for my daughter, but we will need to wait and see how execution goes.