Start Small: Lots of Little Things

A fast and yummy dinner. Risotto and focaccia loaded with herbs. It’s times like this I wish computers could be scratch and sniff.

When I take a step back and look at everything I want to get done for birthday and holidays, I realize it’s not as crazy and overwhelming as I think it could be. As long as I keep doing a bit here and there, all the important stuff will get done. The big thing is going to be working in the fun stuff as well. So here are my small steps this week:

  • Vanilla sugar
  • Transfer the pattern for my sister-in-laws gift
  • Make two more afghan squares (and I already made half of one tonight)
  • Hunt down my doll pattern
  • Felt a wool jacket I have for one of L’s gifts
  • Bake the dishes I painted

It seems like a long list, but I am maintaining that it’s reasonable. The sugar and the dishes will both be minimal as far as active time goes. The rest will just be waiting. Everything else can be worked into little pockets of time during the week.

Beautiful cinnamon ornaments. Photo is from Katy Elliott.

In the spirit of keeping things fun, I have also been noting a few things I want to do with my kiddo. I love making cinnamon ornaments, and I saw these cute ones made into mini hearts at Katy Elliott. So now I feel inspired. The only thing is, I think I need to wait until we actually are closer to getting the tree up to make those. Otherwise, I will have to listen to weeks and weeks of “I wanna hang them on the treeeeee”.

Now that I have done some crocheting and made good food, I am feeling like the week has started off right. So tomorrow, more crochet and more steps towards my goal! See you Wednesday.

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