Start Small Followup: Keeping Pace

I got so much basil, this weekend, I am going to have to cook my butt off. But please don’t tell me to make pesto.

I didn’t do too bad this weekend! I caught up on nearly everything that got pushed back last week. Two afghan squares, wedding gift, one Christmas gift, all done (minus some hands-off baking time). I did a bit more to clean up my craft room, and I found the perfect pattern for my sister-in-law’s gift. The only thing I dropped the ball on was getting more vanilla beans for sugar. But I can do that tomorrow. Not too shabby overall.

In my mind, the biggest victory for me is just staying balanced and on course. I regularly visit one extreme of living or the other. The first is to be a complete slug and procrastinate in every way possible. The other is the craft like a maniac at the cost of eating, sleeping and generally taking care of myself. The latter is a bit of a college carry-over. Sometime I would get rolling on a project in the afternoon, not stopping until 3 a.m., only to realize I powered through two meals in the process. I catch myself doing that, but to a much smaller degree. The problem is, I don’t have the option of taking a two-hour nap at the library in between classes. Now I have to go 100% at work. Because if I left to nap for more than an hour, someone would notice.

On top of not going nuts with laziness or poor decisions, I also got a lot of good stuff done. Grocery shopping, laundry and crafts? I feel like freaking superwoman. I am even writing my post at a reasonable hour. I do have to give some credit to my husband, however. We only have one t.v., and if he weren’t watching football all weekend, I would be a lot lazier. So thank you honey!

So what did I get done? I got an awesome amount of herbs and made two pounds of herb butter, mostly for the holidays. I sorted out some salvage fabric in my craft room. And, like a good crafter, there were forgotten items. Oops. I also finished painting ceramics, one set for friends and another for family. All I need to do is set the paint. I also got another square done for my husband’s gift. So by my rough math, I am about 14% done with his gift. And that 14% took me about 6 hours. So in other words, I better keep busting my butt.

All the herbs I bought this weekend, and I only spent ten bucks. Too awesome!
This batch of butter is basil and garlic. I also made a batch of thyme and sage. Later this week, one pound of dill and lemon, and one pound of cinnamon sugar.
One last ceramic shot before I bake these bowls off.

So speaking of that, I am headed off to bed. I’ve got to make my crafty action plan for the next week so I have something to share tomorrow. And I had better get some of that sleep I have been so proud of lately.

See you tomorrow friendos!

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