Holy hell, I survived!

Four bottles of awesome vanilla extract are now brewing. Yay for early holiday prep!

Okay, THAT was a rough week. Usually when I cover for a co-worker, I do things to prepare. Line up a babysitter, make breakfasts and dinners in advance and get lots of extra sleep. I did the first two okay, but I totally dropped the ball on that last one. So the stress, overtime, less sleep and gobs of Halloween candy kind of kicked my butt. Every single night I either worked too late to write or I crashed early because I felt sick. But now everything is back to normal and I am ready to share.

I just love shooting pictures of these bottles. I can’t wait to see this stuff change as the weeks pass.

As usual, I did not take my own advice. I am always saying things should be broken into small, realistic chunks. So what did I do in my last post? Outline a very unrealistic set of goals for the week. I did finish one afghan square, but I did not start another. I started vanilla extract, but not the sugar. But that’s only because I miscounted and did not have enough beans for the sugar. I did start the wedding gift. I did not sort materials, find a pattern or start my brother’s gift. So I learned the same lesson for the one millionth time.

But in a way, this is a good thing. While I was scrambling at work, I did have a lot of time to think about time management. During Thanksgiving, I will have a lot of downtime at my in-laws house. That means I will be hanging out with four people on my gift list, so I can’t work on their projects around them. That means the gift for my sister-in-law I was going to start this week I will now save for that day. Because I should be able to get a lot done.

The first steps of an awesome gift. Now I just need to add more paint and clean up the details.

While I am talking about advice I dole out and don’t always follow, this week also re-taught me another old lesson: stress will bring wreak havoc on your health. If I had done a better job eating well and sleeping when I could, I may have been able to get a few more things done. Instead, I lost a massive amount of time because I was so worn out.

So this week, I am making up the lost time to myself and you. I am spending more time crafting, and more time writing. I did have a great moment over the weekend that I started to write about, but I needed to make suer I get the words exactly right. I also have to make up for missing last week’s Firestarter Friday (woopsie). Most important, there will be pictures like crazy. See you tomorrow!

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