Start Small returns for a little holiday buttkicking

I have been sitting on this yarn for about a year. The project has been planning, and now it’s time for execution.

And true to my word, start small I did. The downside of all this is I can only share so much because I don’t want to blow people’s gifts. And some of the people on my list read my blog. So there will be lots of teaser pics. BUT I did ban my husband from reading, so I can share more about his gifts.

While I was enjoying a rare lunch break at work, I took advantage of the time and made plans for all the other supplies I need for gifts. I also plotted out the next week weeks of sewing, cooking and painting so I can finish on time. Since I had the materials for my husband’s gift and he’s not allowed on here, I will share a taste of what is in the works. My official start small project this week is two-fold. One, start a few squares of my husband’s afghan. Second, test out some interfacing for another gift.

Power up for crafts! Whole wheat walnut chocolate chip pancakes and fresh fruit.
Six rounds down. So only a few hundred to go.

I am decently proud of my progress. Mostly because I also did chores and had major storytime with my kid. I do love a feeling of accomplishment. Now I just need to keep that momentum going and remind myself how much I love giving my family something made especially for them. Check back later this week to see how things are going!

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