He married her so hard…

I have been rocking a lot of rainbows lately. October brings out the 80’s kid in me every year.

And those are my friend’s words, not mine. I went to a killer wedding yesterday, and it was the perfect day to wrap up the weekend. True to the personalities of the bride and groom, the wedding was 100% awesome. Black and red with white lights, a live band, all wrapping up with a masquerade ball reception. Complete with a white chocolate human heart on top of the wedding cake. You know, because he is giving her his heart! Some people were grossed out, but I think it was sweet. Some people are sissies. Also, the groom picked up a guitar and sang Everlong by the Foo Fighters to his new wife. It was offbeat and fun and beautiful.

The most fun wedding cake I have ever seen in person. Red velvet cake topped with a gluten-free cheesecake, white chocolate heart and strawberry sauce. It was all yummy.

The downside is I created what is (in my mind at least) a major craft fail. I did not make the couple their wedding gift. Yet. I didn’t want to rush it just to get it done for the wedding, so I wanted them they were getting it late. They’re both laid back and didn’t care at all. But there is an upside. I used the little free time I did have to make a fun mask to wear. It wasn’t as nice as I had originally wanted, but I still think it’s pretty cool. And good enough to make the rounds at work during Halloween.

Look who got to bring a cute date to the wedding! I was pretty thrilled because with my husband traveling, we don’t get to do stuff like this much.

To start, I put the mask on and marked where I wanted to cut the eye holes. if I left them at the regular size, they would’ve been really irritating. My eyelashes hit the edges with every blink. After that, I took the string out and put a coat of white paint inside. Then I did one coat of linen and another of white on the outside. After that, I used Golden fluid acrylic extender with Martha Stewart craft acrylics to create half a dozen different colors. I placed random, irregular dots on the mask one color at a time, concentrating them on the nose and scattering them out. The last bit of paint I added was tiny dots of Golden interference blue paint. It’s incredibly subtle, but I wanted to have an extra layer of sparkle. The last thing I did was glue on mini multicolored rhinestones, also scattering out from the nose. The perfectionist in me wanted to do waaaaay more. But considering the number of store-bought masks I saw, I wasn’t feeling too badly about it. Plus, how can you hate something that sparkles like that!

Pretty soon, I will have to take care of the gift. Until then, I will be starting on Christmas gifts as well. I hope you all have a lovely week and I will see you here tomorrow!

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  1. The mask turned out lovely – and you two look so cute rockin’ the masquerade look!

    Good luck finishing the gift! Just FYI, but Emily Post gives you a year from the date of the wedding to get the gift to them. True story. 🙂

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