Seriously, why can’t get paid to play with a hot glue gun?

Fall is so photogenic. And Mike really knows how to work his magic on these wonderful colors. I wish I was right there right now.

Maybe the title of my post clued you in, but this isn’t my usual Wednesday night. As I type this, I am at work waiting on one lovely ad. Awesomeness. And since tomorrow will be another looooong day culminating in a great concert with my hubby, I will be in no mood to blog when I get home. But that is no need to leave you guys hanging! So if you are in need of mid-week inspiration, check out Photos By Speed. He was guest posted here before, but he has acquired some news lenses for his camera and has been posting some really spectacular stuff.

So happy Wednesday to all of you! I hope you are at home, or at least someplace cool (i.e., not work).

I am in love with this photo. But anything with stars, so there is some sort of bias going on.

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