Firestarter Friday exercise part 2: Finding my muse

Notes! I managed to make beautiful notes! It may not be much to look at, but I love handwriting.

So it turns out the first part of this exercise requires no explanation…the assignment was to Unplug. Definitely easier said than done. I like to think I dont’ watch that much tv, and in a way that’s true. As far as turning on the tube and vegging out, that doesn’t really happen. But I do spend a lot of time turning on a program and then only partially paying attention while I work on whatever project is right in front of me. I know there are several reasons for that. Growing up, and even now, this is how my mom works. She will tear through MASH, Thin Man or Die Hard while sewing Christmas ornaments. For me, it helps me feel a bit more like the house isn’t so happy. When you daughter goes to bed and my husband is on the road, having the tv makes it seem a little less lonely.

But this week I tried to embrace the challenge. At least for the first half of the week before my husband got home. Monday and Tuesday went great. We didn’t turn on the tv at all upon getting home (not unusual) and everything stayed off all night (more unusual). During those two nights, I managed to write out a bunch of plans for two parties I am helping to plan. I also managed to make pickles and get some reading done. Add to the list a few sketches, and I was pretty happy with my progress.

For the second half of the week, we were back to having everyone at home, but I did get a bit of a cold. So I spent a good chunk of time drinking tea and sitting still while my husband played video games.

So was the week a total win? No. Was it a step in the right direction? Absolutely. The next week looks to be a bit more proactive, but I plan on trying to unplug a bit more. It does seem to help for some of the projects I work on. Maybe I can get really into the swing of things and hard schedule media-free time. We will see.

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