Up Late: Pickles and paint

I joined a 6×6 art swap. This is one in progress shot of the painting I am working on in last few steps before completion. I layered a black fabric heart onto a scrap of watercolor paper to give it some heft.
Fabric on, paint marker details done. Now I just need to send this painting to my partner.
I got paired with someone who had extra time to kill and sent early. This beautiful piece is now mine! I love everything about it — the colors, the layering and the overall beauty.
Sparkle accents never hurt!
Last night I finally pulled the trigger and made true pickles. With a recipe and hot canning and everything. Now we will wait a few weeks to see if I did it well.
And tonight I made pickled jalapenos. Same as the cucumbers, only time will tell of they are edible.
After many teasers and detail shots, I feel I can finally share this painting. I made it for a dear friends wedding. The background was all lyrics from songs that are “theirs”. After that, I just added layers of paint and paper. The tree was a last-minute addition and a change from what I had planned.
The tree looked really flat and childish until I started adding paper leaves. It seems silly that something so simple would have such an impact, but it really worked.
I really wanted these words to pop out, so I did a gradient from metallic copper to metallic silver. I am really proud because I did it freehand, and in one layer, but it is soooo seamless. Now I just hope the couple likes it. They did say they needed some color, and I am pretty sure I delivered.

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