Wish I Were…

For some awful reason, I have been feeling entirely unmotivated in nearly every way. Just the thought of having to gather up supplies in itself is exhausting. Maybe it’s the bloody heat and lack of air conditioning. Maybe it’s the fact that my craft room is a Disaster (I really could receive Federal funding for the cleanup). In reality, it’s a whole lot of things.

I was about to get on here and said I got zero things done this week, but I realized that is wrong. With the help of my awesome husband, we got our living room wall painted. I don’t know if I have said this before, but as far as my house goes, I find white walls very depressing. They are nice for the laundry room and bathroom — they just feel cleaner that way. But for spaces I have to spend time in, color is key. I won’t bore you with the back story of how hard it was to get this painted. The important part, the main walls are done and now we have to decide on the accent wall.

I am not sharing a before picture because the living room was an atrocious mess. Just imagine the blue as white. Stark, hospital-grade white.

Since we have a living room in the basement as well, we made a deal. Once the basement is finished, that living room is his to decorate, and the upstairs one is mine. I think we all know which one will be sports/game heaven and which will be an assortment of thrift finds. While that is a long way off, we are trying to decorate with “my” living room in mind. Because when that times comes, I will not exactly be swimming in cash. So saving my money for furniture and little bits will be pretty important.

In the whole back from vacation/holiday/painting mess, I managed to entirely forget about Firestarter Friday, and for that, I apologize. I had prewritten it and everything…and then forgot to edit and share it. So I will wrap that up and share tomorrow.

So despite the fact that I am being a bit of a drag, I really do hope everyone had a good weekend. If you are also feeling uninspired, search out a new artist, a new blog, just something new to look at and keep things fresh. If you want to, come check out the Art House digital library. There are a bunch of really amazing and engaging works posted there. Oh, yes, I have two there as well. I am not 100% happy with the latest one, but that’s the price I pay for procrastination. But disappointment aside, it is a really wonderful site to look at.

So I hope your week has started on the right foot. I will see you tomorrow.