Getting projects done and feeling good

I guess I shouldn’t say projects as finishing one blanket is more singular. But I am still happy. I have two all-time favorite things to make, and gifts is one. This blanket was so easy to throw together. It took just under 2 hours to cut out, sew, photograph and wrap.

I caught the veeery last of the daylight to get this photo. Better than my kitchen light.

I did have a bit of an advantage in making this project go fast. I already had a large piece of the blue fabric that was more or less square. So I trimmed it down a touch, and away I went. In making baby blankets over and over, I have found a favorite technique. Best of all, it’s a simple one. Instead of messing around with any sort of binding, I just layer everything together, stitch up and turn it out. Then I do take the time to press the seams and finish off the edges with a zigzag stitch. While it sounds really basic, this way of making a blanket isn’t just easy, it’s practical. Every single layer is sewn together all the way around twice. So no matter what a little kid puts it through and how much it’s washed, it will stand up. I also made sure that every layer is pre-shrunk cotton. This means it couldn’t be more washable. If you think the blanket looks a little light, you’re right. This baby is due at a time of year when it can be super hot or starting to get cold. Plus, you can always add layers.

Closeup on my very basic details. I sewed all three layers together, turned the blanket right side out and used a zigzag stitch to finish it. I added ties because the blanket felt a bit unfinished without them.
The final haul — blanket, burp cloths and book for baby. Chocolate mint wafer cookies and lavender bath salts for mama-to-be.

And just one quick word on the entire gift. You probably already know the bath salts and cookies are not for the kid. If you’re a mom, you get how much a tiny gesture like that can mean. Being pregnant sometimes means you are getting talked to a ton while somehow still being ignored. I like to think throwing in a little something for mom really helps her morale.

So now everything is wrapped up and ready to go to its new tiny family. Yay for finished projects! So this week, I am starting a project I have been promising my husband I would do for weeks — garage curtains. Hopefully while working on function, I can also make them a bit fun. As usual, I will let you know how it goes.

Have a great week everyone!

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