Project done!


This is about one-sixth of the spread. This took soooo long.


I DO love lines. Because they are so simple.

Always a great feeling! I mailed out my contribution to the Limited Edition Sketchbook Project today, and I feel wonderful.

This time around, I took a totally different approach. Instead of rebinding, painting, glueing and sewing it, I stuck with just drawing. I started off by putting a ton of pressure on myself to create the greatest thing I could. But then I ended up being too scared to do anything to it. So months went by where I did literally nothing but stare at it. Then one day, I decided I was sick of it.

Instead of trying to come up with some grand scheme and fulfill it, I relaxed. I just did basic doodles and line drawings in there whenever I felt stressed. And when it was all done, I felt…lighter. Plus it makes me feel ever better knowing a bunch of people will get to see my work. So tonight I wanted to share a few favorite pages with you.

First page spread in a tree series.
Spread two in the group. Just color. Fun, fun color.
The third spread in the group. Where I learn that cheap ball point pens always smear more than I expect.

As far as this week goes, I am playing it by ear. I was home today with a sick kiddo, and when the week starts like that, it always seems to get more interesting. My big deal of the week is (finally) getting to crack into some new supplies I got from Utrecht. Two new sketchbooks and a bunch of brush markers. Whee!!! So I am sure I have a fun week of blogging ahead.

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