Wish me luck

So many good fabrics. And I'm one of them!

I entered the Spoonflower/Fabric8 contest. I checked on it today, and there are over 850 entries, so My chances of making the first cut are about 12%. But I am staying optimistic. I will find out if I made the cut in the middle of next week.

Even if I don’t win, I will still spend some time next week developing the line. So that way, I can buy fabric I’ve created. And anyone else who likes it can get some too. So either way, I’m happy!

Now this weekend I will be working on getting my sketchbook wrapped up — only two days left before send out. I will also be working on figuring out my crafting schedule for the next few weeks. I have a few projects have to get done soon, so if I make the time for them, they will actually get done.

The weekend is here — I hope you all have some fun plans lined up.

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