Up Late: Bunnies!!

Lime green with tulips...what says spring better than that?

Up Late got bumped back a day, thanks to my wonderful brain. The Martha Stewart bunny pattern I wanted to use was actually a PDF that spanned four pages. Well, I knew I didn’t want to make a big bunny, but a few small ones. So I opened the PDF at work, spliced it together and scaled it down in InDesign. Then I printed it…and left it on my desk. Boo. The upside is I got a good chunk of cleaning done instead, so my disappointment was short-lived.

Today was a pretty long day at work, so I did not do a full-blown up late. I did cut out all the pieces I need, so all I have left to do is sew and stuff. So the lesson for today? Don’t let minor setbacks get you down because life happens. Just be flexible and take advantage of any time you have.

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