Start Small: Easter Goodness

Raiding my fabric stash, always a good way to end the day.

I am keeping my post short today. After an extremely nasty day at work, I really just want to crawl into bed with a book and focus on actually returning to work tomorrow. The GOOD thing is I have an awesome project this week for my daughter, and crafting for other people always makes me feel better.

This is the bunny I am making. The pattern and photo are from Martha Stewart's website. It looks perfect -- casual and squeezeable.

With Easter coming up this weekend, I want to put together an Easter basket for her, but I don’t want to load her up with candy she doesn’t need. She gets excited for mushrooms and pineapple for goodness sake — why would I mess with that? I already got her tissues with bunnies on them and tub crayons. Even though she has a ton of stuffed animals, she in completely in love with a basket full of bunnies at her daycare. So I am going to make her a few of her own. I have some wonderful fabrics that are not large enough for a lot of projects, but they will be perfect for this. One bunny will be made from the blue floral in the lower right with the purple minky in his ears. The other will be the green at the top of the picture with one of the two pinks inside his ears. Two bunnies are my goal, but if I get rolling really well, I may crank out a few more. If you are feeling the Easter spirit and want to make bunnies, get the pattern and instructions here.

With that, it’s time to make some potstickers and head to bed. I think I earned that today. Love you guys and I hope your week is off to a good start.


    1. Oh, I already have a stash of patterns I will be doing with her when she is bigger. Right now the extent of her sewing is pretty much throwing fabric scraps around my room. But that’s the first step, right?

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