A printable goodie for you

Don’t forget to check out yesterday’s post and enter to win some sweet anniversary goodies.

So today has been a good learning experience. This is the first time I have ever shared a printable PDF. I hit a few roadblocks, but next time will go together without issues. Anyway, about this printable. Lately I have gotten into using flat cards so I can do a gift tag card combo. I’ve used everything from postcards to scraps of cardstock.

Now I am offering you these. Just print them out on cardstock, cut apart and use for your next gift. There is enough space on the back to write a short note and they’re not occasion-specific, so just make a bunch and keep them stashed. 

I don’t get into lengthy terms of use here, because that kind of kills the fun. I just have one rule — don’t use this in any money-making way. Don’t steal the PDF, print the gifts cards and sell them. That’s just rude. Click here to download and print the fun.

Enjoy and I will see you tomorrow!

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