Yummy, beautiful things are brewing

Wonderful citrus, soon to be sweet, sweet marmalade.

I had a surprisingly productive day and I am thrilled about it. I got a massive basket of fruit and veggies and I got started on making orange-tangelo marmalade. And tomorrow I will be starting in on sauerkraut, pickled asparagus and fruit chips. Anything to make sure not one scrap goes to waste.

But forget about all that, tomorrow is going to be super-fun for ALL of us. I am finally officially starting my 1-year blog anniversary celebration. It’s a few weeks late, but I am glad I took the time to prep. So check back all week because I will be posting something fun every day, Monday through Saturday. I don’t want to spoil all the fun, but I will tell you tomorrow I will have a giveaway, so be sure to at least come back for a few free goodies.

So I had better get to work and get everything wrapped up for the week…gotta make sure I bring my A++ game. See you tomorrow everyone!

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