Start Small: some stuff down, others to come

I love the buttons my mom picked out for this. And they are even mismatches!


The whole outfit. Supersoft polar fleece will make for one cuddly warm toddler.

Well, I made a goal to get three things done this week, and I (pretty much) did. I did get buttons attached to the jumper mom made for L. Although that started off as horribly frustrating, the last few just flew by. Now Mom just needs to hem the bottom of the legs, and we are good to go! My other two projects I am not sharing pictures of right now. One is the backgrounds to the next rounds of postcard swap. Right now, they are very boring, and you will see enough pictures of them later. Also, I did get the draft stopper mostly done, but I need to buy beans or something to fill it. Picture of a big fabric tube – not very interesting.

Some of you may have noticed that tomorrow I the last day of January, but I have yet to finish a few things on the January portion of my list. While I am a bit disappointed in that, I’m not going to let it slow me down. I did something creative every single day this month, mostly thanks to the Create Daily class I was in. I’m really sad to see that end, but I feel like now I have that habit almost fully engrained in my daily life. Now doing something creative is fully and officially a part of my day, just like chores or eating.

 Hopefully some of this momentum will carry over into February. Shape Up Montana starts on the 1st, and I am hoping to get some exercise built into my daily routine as well. I have virtually eliminated any exercise that is even remotely challenging for fear of crippling myself. But now’s it’s interfering with art AND daily life – that’s a problem.

But anyway…I’m wandering. For Start Small this week, I want to get my postcards 90% done. Why 90%? I want to get the bulk of the messy work done. Then once everything is good and dry, I can throw them in my purse and do the other 10% of the work during my tiny pockets of free time throughout the day.

Speaking of small pockets of time, I also need to get to work on my Sketchbook Project submission underway. But I am not making that my official project for the week because I want to rebind the sketchbook, but I’m not sure what paper I will be using.

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