Hello Friday!


Thank goodness the weekend is here. Since I finally gave my husband his painting, I want to share with you the process of putting it together. It’s going super-groundbreaking, but sometimes it is nice to see how other people work. If you have never tried collage before, maybe this will inspire you. So get ready for lots of pictures.

I started simple...just two plain pre-stretched canvases.
I wanted to do something bright for the background. Starting out with white, green, yellow and blue seemed like a good place.
I premixed the yellow with a bit of blue. To get the paint to spread nice and smooth, I first sprayed the canvas with water.
Once the canvas was covered, I squeezed on a little bit of medium green. I worked it into the canvas, but not too much, I didn't want a smooth blend between all the colors. I followed that up with one darker shade of green.
In the opposite corner, I worked in a good quantity of white. I wanted an overall rough ombre between the two canvases.
I let the paint dry for a few days to make sure it was totally dry. Some places were really thick, and I didn't want them oozing during this step. I took a few permanent markers and wrote on a few different places on the canvas.
Closeup on some big, fat handwriting.
I thinned out more paint with a combination of water and acrylic mediums to get a glaze. I added layers over different parts of the canvas. Adding anything over the text was a challenge for me. Usually if I write anything, I don't want to cover it up at all.
I really love adding paint directly to my surface.
Blue is my favorite, so I am very biased, but I think it really made this look even better.
Mixing right on the canvas can be a good way to glaze as well. Here, I put a bit of acrylic gel and olive green watercolor on the canvas. Then I just sprayed with water and blended.
I repeated glazing on the opposite corner with some bright red.
More layers!
And more bright color!
I do love keeping some brushstrokes alive.
I picked out two different tissue papers to layer on because I looove paper. And since my husband is such a good sport about me saving it, I figured working it into the piece would be appropriate.
Tissue paper can work great with glazing. They both let color through, altering it in their own way.
Paper bits from Carly and some green shrink wrap covered in asian characters.
To call attention to my favorite parts of the painting, I added touches of solid colors and metallic paint pen.
I cut figures out of an old dictionary I have lying around. Here I added a heart I cut out of a superthin piece of wood. A thick layer or acrylic gel is perfect for holding it in place.
For my figure, I added real butterfly wings I have been saving forever. That's the joy of having an extensive stash of goodies in the basement.

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