Feeling a bit scattered…

My attempt at naming my main distractions. And it actually helped. Plus, since I wrote them down in my sketchbook, I have to look at them everyday.

I am feeling a bit all over the place today, and the really aggravating thing is I don’t have a concrete reason. It’s a standard Monday at work…going well, but I would still rather be at home.  I’m not sure if its because Mom is moving back out and now I have to get back to my regular rhythm of doing things. Or maybe because work is so slow and that gives me even more time to think. Whatever it is, it’s irritating.

For now, I will start by adding more accountability to my blog. You may see at the top of my page I added a tab called The List. So far, these are the projects I have more or less locked in. I shouldn’t say I have to do them, because they are largely voluntary. However, for one reason or another, I consider them nearly mandatory. Anyway, I always have a list like this going and I have shared it before. But now is the first time I am putting up somewhere where people can see it. I am thinking maybe this will help me focus. Plus, when I am feeling down and beating myself up for being lazy, I can refer to this list and see what I HAVE done so far. THis is a good thing because if I watch one TV show without crafting, I get all guilty and aggravated.

On the upside, I am very happy because we finally got a decent amount of snow here. Yes, I am a bona fide winter-loving freak. Wandering around in frigid temperatures in a few inches of snow always makes my day. I plan on enjoying it until it all melts off this weekend. But the best part about the cold weather is the motivation it gives me to stay inside, make some hot tea and get creating. Speaking of which, it’s time for me to get off the computer and get something done for class. Hopefully that will get me back on track for feeling 100% again.

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