Start Small Follow-up: Baby quilt top!

My favorite part of this quilt -- half the squares were already cut.
This has been hanging around the studio in various stages of completion since this summer. Over the whole time, I've grown to love this color combo more and more.

Can I count just the top of a quilt as a completed project. Well, it’s my blog, so I am going to say yes! Especially since that sets me up for a really easy week of sewing. my goal is to get the quilt assembled in the next two nights. Then I can (finally) get this gift mailed out. I will spare you the creative details for now because I will want to talk at length when it’s totally done. I am pretty pumped because nothing is fun like making something for a kid.

Since I am hitting the end of the month and have a few projects to knock out, I am doubling down this week for Start Small. Besides finishing the quilt, I am also getting my husband’s painting done. That will make for a fun and messy Wednesday night.

Now that I think about, I’m not sure I have that much to say today. I spent the weekend helping my mom move into her new apartment, so I am pretty well spent anyway. I will say I have been staying on top of my Create Daily class, and I’m feeling really inspired. I’m only about halfway through the class so I still have plenty of time to build up the habit of drawing everyday. Plus, I am feeling less stressed and crabby because I am doing something everyday.

So I will maintain my creative activities for another week and hopefully that inspiration and excitement will spread to you!

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