Up Late: Painting, a.k.a. making up for being lazy during the pre-christmas season

When it comes to acrylics, I never clean my palettes. I just let layers build and build. Then I can peel off giant chunks that look really sweet and shiny underneath. This bad boy has about 8 years under it's belt.
A closeup on one corner of the painting. I have been trying really hard to push myself further with the layering on this project. Which is the main reason it's a late Christmas gift. But I am happy so far. And I love that I have been able to work in a lot of metallic and glitter. Just don't tell my husband.
Two bits of collaging goodness from my stash. THe dark green one is actually the shrink wrap off a bottle of stir fry sauce...too pretty to toss. The light green filigree die cut of from the package Carly sent me a few weeks ago. Thanks lady!

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