Up Late

The model monkey returns.

Well, I started this project over the weekend and thought I could get it done before the weekly grind started up again, but I was wrong. But I didn’t have anything else going on tonight, so I was able to wrap it up. October in Montana means the cold is not far off. My Mom had a pattern for this hood with a scarf attached, which I figured would be perfect for my little toddler. Even better, I already had tie dye polar fleece and lime green flannel in my stash already, so I didn’t have to spend a dime, and you already know how much I love a good stash buster project.

Front view of the hood and a good, long scarf. Perfect for cuddling up with when it's snowy.

The pattern is by Jamie Christina and can be bought many places, including Sew Mama Sew. There are four varitions of the same hood, in sizes for adults and children. It all came together really easily. I added the front band of polar fleece for some added protection from winter wind. But overall, I think it would qualify as a good beginner project. Other than one minor curve in the hood, all the seams are straight. The instructions are really easy to understand and have good diagrams. I will say if you are a beginner, polar fleece is not a great choice for the first time you try this pattern. It has quite a bit of stretch and will distort if you aren’t being careful.

Side view. Still a lot of scarf, but it will fold up easily.

All that matters? Another project down in a timely fashion, and I am happy with the results. Now I just hope my little lady likes it just as well.

Mmmmm...detail stitching. Thanks Mom for letting me borrow your machine!

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