Yay Monday!

I made a cute scalloped border! Now I just need to figure out what to do next...
Tie dye and a lime green lizard print...what madness is being created now?

Can you tell I had some free time today? Well, my Mother has been living with me for about a month now, and that is only encouraging the craftiness in this house. We have both been bouncing ideas back and forth for birthdays and Christmas, and now it’s just time to work everything out.

So today, I have two teasers for you. I have a fun couple of weeks of creating ahead of me, and I hope you will all join in on the fun. This Friday, I will be doing my Firestarter post on staying flexible and learning new things. I will be sure to do an Up Late post this week as well. I went to my floor cloth painting class tonight, and I have some new glitter paint I want to try out. So of course there will be something good to share! See you in a few days, fellow crafters!

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