I get something done and then have an Oh Crap moment

No, you can't see the whole thing. That's why it's a teaser. You'll see more in a few weeks when we talk Etsy.

After a few days of my latest painting sitting next to my bed (RIGHT next to my bed) I finally figured out what it needed. So I added a few bits of paper from an old book I had chopped up years ago and called her quits.

Then I realized something. The holidays are coming up. Yes, I know it was ninety here today, and most people are still ignoring Halloween. But if you’re a crafter, you start thinking about Christmas when the rest of your family and friends are eating brats next to red, white and blue bunting and a big stack of fireworks. But I also realized there are about a billion things on my non-craft to-do list. Just a sample:

  • Create a budget and stick with it.
  • Host a swap party.
  • Sort and organize all the recipes I have collected.
  • Plan the garden for next year.
  • Kill the weeds that I grew in the garden this year.
  • Decide what the hell I want to do with my hair that looks cool, but only takes two minutes.
  • Finish decorating the house.
  • Paint the living room.
  • Improve my diet.
  • Get a new freezer and somehow get it into the garage.

Did I mention I want to do all this, plus my crafting and more all while getting chores done, working and spending time with my family. Oh yes, I also have a week to finish the postcard swap I joined. Yeah. Crazy person over here. So tomorrow I need to sit down and take another look at life priorities. Then I need to create my holiday craft list. Then scale it back about ten percent. I may be able to pull it off then. Wish me luck!


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