Up Late: Another to-do down

Her room keeps getting better and better!

Ever since we moved into our house a year and a half ago, I’ve been wanting to get rid of the closet doors in L’s room. There was nothing wrong with them, but they were just basic track doors and she’s been able to pop them off since she started walking. My Dad was nice enough to get me the curtain wire kit I wanted from Ikea, but it’s been sitting in the closet since last spring. Partly because I was being lazy, but I was also trying to find the perfect fabric. The amount of fabric I needed would’ve been really expensive if I bought anything really nice, so I was holding out for something like curtains or tablecloths. A few months ago, I found the perfect tablecloths at Target for about $5 each. Then those sat in the closet until this week.

After closet doors, before curtain.

My mom helped me pop the doors off and then loaned me her drill, and I took it from there. I pulled the extra boxes I had stacked up on one side so there is space to play. Installation was really simple. I just predrilled the holes and screwed the brackets into the studs. Since the closet is about 70 inches wide, I installed one at each end and one on center.

Even though the curtain isn't that heavy, I'm sure L will find many chances to pull on it. That's why I placed the brackets on the most solid area I could.
The two end posts are hinged so they can be configured a few different ways. I opted to mount them on the wall as the ceiling would've been too high.
Two of the three posts. I hung them inside so you won't see any hardware just curtains.

I will say this – if you get a curtain wire kit, make sure you have some pretty heavy duty wire cutters on hand. Or make friends with someone who has them. Once the wire was up and tension was set, it was just a matter of putting clips on each tablecloth and hanging them up. Between reading instructions, marking drill holes and putting everything together it only took me about two hours.

But if it only took two hours, how can I count this as up late? Because I am using the rest of my time to cuddle in bed with the dogs and work on my postcards. So goodnight everyone!

Finished...and now I can breathe a sigh of accomplishment.

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