So what did I accomplish?

My newest piece of art looks much better on the wall than propped up against it. And Oskie looks really thrilled for his fifteen minutes of fame.

So I took almost two weeks off, but what did I get done? Pretty much a bunch of small things that I’ve been meaning to get off my to-do list. Assembling a lateral file, clearing out the laundry room and hanging up art that has been leaning against a wall for two months are all tiny things, but feel like wonderful things. I even managed to read a few books I had ignored (and renewed) for quite a few weeks.

I am also excited about a theme for the month of September at ReNest — Handmade Home! I probably don’t have to explain why I love that theme so much. So I’m sure I will be sharing some fun bits I see throughout September.

Later this week, I will also have to share the painting I started a few weeks back. I finally figured out the rest of the details and am in the process of adding them. As much as I hate it, I really plan on selling it. I’m about ninety percent sure I will sell it. Everyone — wish me some strength to follow through on that.

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