Why creative should types should take a break and exercise

This photo has nothing to do with this entry. These are some sweet pebbles and pins made by my dear visiting friend. I just figured a picture of me writhing in pain is not nearly as compelling.

When I was growing up, I loved playing football. I mean, REALLY loved it. The summer after 8th grade, I was outside every day from dawn until well after sunset playing full  contact football with my friends. For those of you wondering, yes I was sewing at that time as well.

Flash forward eight years to the end of college. I was enrolled in an early morning yoga class. I’d been interested in yoga on and off since middle school and finally decided to get into it. The class was technically free (my school flat rated everything after 12 credits) and my shoulders would be killing me after a few hours on the computer.

Two more years in the future, I go to the doctor’s office to find out I have a torn tendon and muscle in my shoulder. The tear is old (I can pinpoint exactly the backyard football tackle to blame), but doing som stretches really helps. Do I maintain those exercises? No.

Why this long talk of exercise and injury. Well, I finally got up the steam to sand and stain a play table for my little lady. My father-in-law bought me a sander at a garage sale so I wouldn’t have to do it by hand. I get done with one leg and I’m feeling pretty good. But when I go to stand up, it feels like I have been kicked in the spine — my back went out. I am TWENTY SEVEN! WTF?!?

So the (hard) lesson to all you crafters out in internetland is this. Crafting is good for your emotional state, great for your mind…and hard on your body. So everyone in a while, you should take a break from hunching over your kickwheel or  drafting table and do some stretches.

Meanwhile, I will be catching up on some reading and trying to get some post content mapped out. See you again tomorrow!

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