Arting with a friend

Nothing I love like seeing all sorts of fabric bits and buttons reassembled into something fun.

As I mentioned earlier in the week, a friend of mine made a pit stop at my house on the way back to Minnesota. When she visits, it is always a happy day for me because it means a relaxing evening of chatting and making art. I have very few friends nearby who are into art, so I really do treasure any time spent creating with others.

These are a few favorite pics from the evening. I hope this encourages all you to have fun with whatever you make.

Working on another clip.
The picture WAS of thw flowers, but you should really focus on the awesome new drawing I am the oroud owner of. Now I just need to finsh up the walls and hang it up.
Good reason to get creative with others -- new perspectives. I walked by those died allium every day and don't even notice them. But now they are living on my kitchen table.
The shape of the flower as well as the shadows will make for some really interesting sketches later.
I shared one of my wool hairclips with her...
...and she made me a sweet new clip as well!

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