Up Late. Up way, way too late

It wasn’t that long ago that I was just getting going at midnight. But now, I am wrapping up and heading to bed to get up at the dreaded five o’clock hour. At least I had a productive day.

Before I started the fabric fun, I had to cut up some fruit while it was perfectly ripe.
Naked mango, soon to be preserves.
I may've cracked into the neverending scrap bag again.
Piles of goodness! Top: boy quilt, girl quilt and scrappy bibs. Bottom: rejected fabric, whites to dye and strips for embellishments.
Scraps for the start of an oceany boy quilt...
...and a girly, lemonade-y one.
Scraps destined to be patchwork bibs.


Done! I think that is the most pressing I have ever done to date.

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