This week — baby shower crafting!


Booties! So cute and so easy to personalize.

Even though I am done with weddings for the summer, the gift-making is not over with. I bought this pattern for baby booties intending to make them for my little girl. Well, big surprise, I didn’t get to it, and now if I want to make them for her, I need to blow up the pattern. But considering how much she loves running and that summer is here, soft wool shoes probably aren’t the best move.


Instead, I am going to make a few pairs for a few babies that are on the way. I have a few other bootie patterns I wanted to try as well, so I may try a few of those as well. This will be a perfect project for this week because it will be easy to bring to work and work on during my lunch hour.


So now all I have to do is get to cutting out pieces and sewing. I would stay up late and at great length about my plans for crafting, but I had better get to bed. There are some early summer colds floating around work, and I’m trying my best not to get one. So I will see you back here Wednesday with some process shots. I hope each of you out there has a sweet project of your own for the week!

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