It’s wedding season!

New fabrics that will soon go with the red and tan you met last week.

I have a wedding this weekend, and naturally, I have to make a gift. Luckily for me, the groom’s sister was able to get some questions answered as far as colors the couple likes, and that takes some anxiety out of the project. Last week, I used red and a light tan fabric to create a lunchbag. Lucky for me, the bride wants me to use red and tan for her gift — sometimes the crafty stars just align perfectly!

I gathered a few bits out of my big bag of scraps. After all, I don’t want their gift to look exactly like the last thing I made. A few more reds, tans and light browns will make it more interesting anyway.

Also lucky for me, I’m 99% sure neither half of the couple reads my blog, so I can be pretty candid about what I am making. And if they DO read my blog, the surprise won’t be spoiled anyway because I won’t post completed pictures until after the wedding.

I’m a big fan of any gift that is practical but fun. There are so many things you have to have in your house, so why not make them cool to look at too? I am making them a cotton trivet the size of a 9×12 casserole dish. I plan on using more of the InsulBrite to make sure a hot pan can go right from the oven to the table. Now I just need to figure out a pattern, and if I want it to be reversible or not. So those are the large life questions I will be tackling over the next few days. I will check in Wednesday with more pictures.

Happy Monday everyone!

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