New lunchbag, A.K.A. when crafts go wonderfully right

Sometimes, everything in crafting land just works out perfectly. I know I have mentioned before that I really need a new lunch bag someday. I loooove mine, but I have also used it heavily for about three years. And since I am going to put some time and effort into making it, I figure now is the time to tweak some things that I feel could be improved upon. Since there was an auction at work at Friday, I figured that would me a perfect chance to test a pattern I had found online.
I got it done and pulled out one of the rectangular Pyrex dishes I regularly use for leftovers. And guess what…it fits PERFECTLY in the bottom! I was pretty thrilled. My husband was not as excited, but he did say it was a cool bag. Thanks honey!

Above you can see the finished bag. I had considered embroidery on the outside of the bag, but I decided to go with buttons that match the inside fabric instead. For some reason, it felt like that might appeal to a broader range of people. Plus, I love buttons! To the right, you can see a close up of the outside of the bag. I wanted to pick a more neutral color for the outside so the decorations would really pop. But red can bleed into other fabrics sometimes. So I came up with a two-fold solution. First, I washed both fabrics in hot water and dried them on a warmer setting than I usually do. Second, I chose a batik with touches of red and orange. That way, if the red ever does bleed, it will be camoflouged by the existing colors. I also bought a package of InsulBrite and sewed in a layer so any food inside will stay cooler longer. This picture gives all of you a close up of the super fun buttons I added to the outside. I chose them all to coordinate with the interior fabric. My favorite is the one to the upper left of the large button. Up close, it has little eroded bits that make it look like coral.

I was hoping to find a bag pattern that had some sort of flexible closure. Currently, if I have to bring extra food to work for any reason, I can’t close my lunch bag at all. Then I have to carry it very carefully so nothing falls out. So I was thrilled to find this pattern had a drawstring top. That part is not insulated, but I figured hopefully I that wouldn’t be too big a deal. The important part is that it closes securely AND can expand to fit more food if the day calls for it.

So many pretty reds!

And ta-da! The beautiful inside fabric. It’s one of those fabrics that I liked, but couldn’t picture using for myself. But I think this is a perfect application for it. I love bag that look quiet and unassuming outside and then — KA-POW – you open up to this bright, fun print. It’s a really good contrast. Now I just need to find some fabrics and make a version for myself…someday.
If any of you really dig this pattern and want to make your own version, you need to visit Oh Fransson! The pattern was originally intended to utilize a vintage pillowcase, but obviously, you can use any fabric you have on hand. And don’t forget, this could be sewn for so many occasions. If you have a school aged kid in need of a lunch bag, you could make one with their favorite color or cartoon characters. Maybe you need a funky bridesmaids gift, or something for you mother-in-laws birthday. We all have to eat – why not do it in style?

Hopefully I will see you all back here tomorrow. I have a wedding gift to make, and it turns out the bride is requesting red and tan. So guess which fabric I will be using!

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