Start Small: starting really small

I have no idea what they are talking about, but I think they're having fun.

Since I have one hectic week ahead of me, I am keeping to crafting low key this week. A few months ago, I tried a crochet pattern for a mini elephant from Roman Sock. It was a pretty fun little project and got done really quick. I actually made a few for a craft swap and than one for myself. Well, now mine needs a little buddy. He has been hanging out in my studio with little dinos. I also owe a friend of mine a mini herd. I have no idea how many I will actually make, but I like the idea of something low pressure this week. If I end up having more free time than expected, I may pick up a few other projects…but we will see.

Those of you out there working your butts off — never let your hobbies go. Even if you only have five minutes to do something you love, it’s essential to your mental wellness. So do whatever you can to squeeze something fun into your free time.

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