Start Small: Anniversary gift

The adorable couple who will be subjected to my crafting this week.

It’s hard to believe that my little bother’s first wedding anniversary is coming up. (Hi little brother — you’re my crafting victim this week!) And so that means I need to finish the gift I said I was going to make them quite a while ago. The two of them had a wonderfully quiet, simple wedding in Arizona with vows they wrote themselves. And they weren’t the cheesy, syrupy vows you think of when people say “We wrote them ourselves…”. They were wonderful, genuine and personalized. It also helped that the ceremony was run by their friend, who is a fantastic speaker. He managed to keep it fun but in a respectful way. By far my favorite wedding ever.

Anyway, while at the wedding I may have pocketed some decorations with crafts in mind. Upon returning home, I found a perfect shadowbox for their keepsakes. Since the vows were so amazing, I emailed my new sister-in-law and had her email them to me. So for the last year, the plan has been to create a shadowbox with their vows alongside a few photos and keepsakes. Lucky for me, they are a pretty fun couple who loves handmade, so I feel totally comfortable doing whatever I want to make it fit them perfectly. Actually, if I could make a shadowbox that dispensed chocolates, it would be perfect, so I will shoot for nearly perfect.

This will be a good change of pace too, since I have been sewing like crazy the last few weeks. I need a break before I get into super sewing later this month. Like many projects I plan on doing, I have been over thinking this one. So at this point I just need to dive in and give it a shot. Here goes…

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