Dropping the crafty ball

Looks pretty good other than the wrinkles. Now it just needs padding and backing.

First thing out of the gate, I have a confession to make. I didn’t finish my Start Small project for last week. Luckily I have a great excuse — I spent my weekend chasing a cute blonde. But to be fair, she kisses me every time I catch up with her. That’s pretty much impossible to walk away from. We had a pretty good weekend over all, so I’m really not that frustrated about not meeting my deadline.

At least I got part of this project done, so I wanted to share progress pictures. Everything you see is handsewn. I hadn’t originally intended this to be a handsewing project, but it’s just so portable. So I ended up doing all my work while sitting at the in-laws. I am happy I gave the circle applique a try. Thanks to this tutorial from Anna Maria Horner, it was super easy. So now all I need to do is add the batting, backing and some topstitching for an accent.

Considering the week I have ahead of me, I am not picking out another project. I am just making it my goal to get this one done. And if I do end up making anything else I will think of it as a bonus. So other than that change in schedule, the rest of the week I will post as usual. And tonight my plan is to head to bed. It might be super fun to stay up late and craft, but not if you fall asleep at your desk during work.

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