Playing with color

One possible color combination for this weeks project. It works, but it lacks...something.
My second color combo. A bit more muted than I want.
My start small project for the week is one of those that could easily get out of control. It’s simple — something to grab a hot dish out of a microwave. But the way I operate, if I don’t set up some sort of a timeline, I will spend all the time in the world thinking instead of crafting. But since I have to finish this up tomorrow night, that forces me to make a decision.
In a previous post, I shared with all of you a giant bag of fabric scraps. Sometimes when I am having a hard time deciding what to do for a project, I will just start grouping materials together. This can work for sewing, college, jewelry — pretty much anything you love to do. I didn’t have to play around long to come up with a combination I really, really like.
The combo I am settling on. A good balance of bright, rich and muted. Bright enough to be happy, but not obnoxius.


Now I just have to get sewing. I am going to keep it simple overall, with one twist. I am going to use four of the six fabrics to create a simple color blocked background. Then I will take the fifth and try my hand at appliqueing a perfect circle. For projects like this, I will roughly fold fabrics and lay them out the get an idea of how the finished project will look. So now that I know about where I am headed, I had better get sewing! I will show off the finished goods tomorrow.

That’s the start of one good-looking giant coaster.
Add a little backing fabric, and the whole project color scheme is rounded out.

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