Weekly Journal Prompt, Week Four

01 26 2015 journal prompt week 4 Not too long ago, I got one of my favorite childhood toys back: my Spirograph. Despite a few missing gears and some dried out pens, I had a lot of fun when I played with it again. I must have said something about how much fun it was because my Dad ended up getting me the giant anniversary Spirograph for Christmas. It has nearly three times the pieces AND you can build your own unique shapes to draw with. It’s pretty thrilling. And that brings me to the theme this week…

childhood toy!

Originally when I added this theme to my list of ideas, I was thinking about drawing a favorite toy or writing about memories of play time. But when I got my old Spirograph and a new one, it set some sparks off. I don’t think I ended up making a finished page, but that’s okay. Sometimes some of these prompts are perfect for building a page background you can use at a later date. Now I just need to figure out how to add to the page without totally covering up every bit of design. So dig out a toy, photos of playtime, whatever it takes to get you inspired about the things you loved as a kid.

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