Weekly Journal Prompt, Week Three


I kept things simple and repetitive this week. So much stuff going on, but nothing I felt like I needed to actually write about. So I stuck with a favorite doodling theme of mine…circles. I didn’t even realize how much I drew them until my husband pointed it out a few years ago. It worked out perfect since my daughter and I spent some time doing bubble prints earlier in the week.


may seem like an odd theme for a journal page, but it’s wonderful. Sometimes just drawing a repetitive shape over and over again can be calming. It gives your brain time to wander and work out other issues while your hands are busy. If you don’t like the idea of making a whole page just for pattern, just do a border or a nice light background to prep for another day’s journaling.

So far, we are three weeks into my weekly journal prompts. Since I am not sure who all is reading this and how experienced you may be with visual journaling, this week I will share some of my favorite supplies and tools. That way, whether you are new to the idea or not, you may find some new supplies to love.

Have an awesome week everyone!

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