Start Small: Making Garden Markers, Step Two

All painted up and ready to place!
All painted up and ready to place!

See the first half of this post here. But a few crazy person / mom confessions before I wrap up this project.

Instead of shooting one simple picture and writing this post, I spent an hour cutting my own hair. Because I was THAT sick of it and I’m too cheap to go to a salon. That money is better spent on an hour-long massage, right?

Once babies roll over onto their tummies on their own and do so in their sleep I know they are supposedly okay to stay there. But it still creeps me out and the worry of my little dude sleeping on his front side will be depriving me of sleep for months to come. I am posting this so late because I already returned him to his back once, woke him up and had to rock him back to sleep.

Can you tell I have no adults to talk to tonight? On the upside, I got this batch of garden markers all wrapped up. Now I just need to wait until the garden is in and I can test them against the elements. Probably the best possible project to have done in time for Earth Day!

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