I May Be Spoiled

04 01 2014 starling 1

A tiny bit spoiled. In the best possible way.

Because I love Utrecht and hate an empty inbox, I get their mailing list. Who doesn’t want to know when paints go on super sale? Usually when I get it, I check it out and then tell myself I don’t really, really neeeeed anything. I may even go so far as to add a bunch of things I want to my cart, but then I empty it and sign out. Unless I am truly out of a certain supply, this is about how it goes. But then my husband bought me some supplies and got on their mailing list to. So after I have proceeded to virtual window shop and leave empty-handed, he will say something like “so today is the last day Utrecht is running their sale. Why don ‘t you get some more paints?”. So I start to shop all over again. I love him for a billion reasons, and random spoiling with art supplies is one of them.
04 01 2014 starling 2

04 01 2014 starling 3

So this last go-around, I snagged two new canvas boards and half a dozen tubes of paint. The great thing about someone else buying you art supplies? At least in my case, you feel more inclined to use them, and soon. So as soon as my box of goodies got here, I opened it up and made plans to paint. So far, I am pretty happy with what I have created. And for the first time in a really long time, I just dove into painting. I didn’t think or over-plan or stress. I dove in and drew all over the canvas. After a bit of tweaking, I just started layering in colors. It always feels so wonderful to actually do something instead of killing it with thoughts.

04 01 2014 starling 4

04 01 2014 starling 5

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