Auction Item, Almost Done

Cutting, cutting and more cutting...
Cutting, cutting and more cutting…

About three years ago, one of my art teachers from high school passed away after a battle with cancer. In the spirit of making something good come out of something sad (she would’ve appreciated that), a few of her former students organized an art auction in her name. The auction was a lot of fun and a wonderful success. The money raised went to help out students from my high school with their art educations. And this year, it’s happening again.

I have a canvas with a background pattern I really like, but it was going nowhere. I would pretty much just stare at it and try to figure out what it should be. I finally stopped over-thinking it and just dove in. I added lots of wonderful blues, purples and silver along with scraps of paper that just seemed to fit. And because I can’t leave something without a pop of color, I decided to add some pink and yellow flowers. To make it a bit more interesting, all the flower petals are curled just a touch so once I attach them to the canvas, they will be low relief.

This is why watercolor paper is so wonderful.
This is why watercolor paper is so wonderful.

While the flowers are pretty much fantasy flowers, they are based on plumeria. I used my new hot pink pencil from ArtSnacks along with yellow and red pencils and watercolors. After everything dried really well, I mixed some matte medium with iridescent medium and added a layer of that all over the petals. Now they have been glued together and are drying again. The last step before attaching them to the canvas will be a quick swipe of yellow paint on the backs of the petals since they will be a tiny bit visible. Once they are on the canvas, I will just have to make a few final decisions on if any more embellishment is needed. So we will see what happens from here…I love a good auction!

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