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Just a background. But you've gotta start somewhere.
Just a background. But you’ve gotta start somewhere.

This weekend has been really food-centered. I hit up my mother in law for veggies from her garden because I knew she was having trouble getting them all used. Well, she did deliver. I got a shopping bag packed with roma tomatoes, another of cherry tomatoes plus a five-gallon bucket of cucumbers. So ninety percent of my energy (after chasing a kid) went into preserving. I made 6 more quarts of pickles with a new recipe and two huge jars of icebox pickles. I still have half the bucket left, so I am sure I will need to make more of something tomorrow. Maybe relish. I am going to just eat the cherry tomatoes, but I took every single roma and made a quadruple batch of my slow-cooked marinara sauce.

All the cooking, washing dishes and some family time left very little for painting. But I did get a quick start to a sketch. Once it’s totally dry, I can start adding more and more. And I think tomorrow I will have to make a point of getting back to my easel. Until then, I had better sleep. Have a great week everyone!

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  1. Love the way your watercolours puddle in just the right way!

    I’m trying to convince my sister to plant a big fat garden next year. I don’t garden myself (because I suck at running on a garden’s schedule…) but I do want to can things and make sauces…. Selfish? 🙂

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