I promise, I have been keeping busy

Slime! Wonderful slime!
Slime! Wonderful slime!

Big surprise, I have not been sitting still much lately. Because if I do sit still, I have a nasty habit of falling asleep. But I had a decently productive weekend and got all sorts of random goodness done. Luckily for you, I won’t bore you with stories and pictures of me cleaning my entryway.

The kiddo and I spent a good chunk of time doing all sorts of different crafts together. Lots of coloring, painting and playing with stickers. But I also added something different to the usual weekend…we made slime. As usual, the requested colors were pink and purple. While I was playing with food colors, I also made her day with a stack of mini rainbow pancakes. Both were pretty simple things to pull off, but considering my energy levels lately, they make me feel wonderfully accomplished.

Nothing is fun like artificially colored food.
Nothing is fun like artificially colored food.

I also wrapped up a swap package for the Make a Friend swap I joined. Just in case my partner stops by my blog, I don’t want to share pictures of every single thing I made. (If you are visiting, turn back now!) But there are two things I really love that I can’t wait to share. The first is some rose and chamomile eye pillows. Since they were so fast and easy to whip together, I made two for her and two for me. They also make me really happy because I got to use scraps of fabrics that I really, really love.

Eye pillows...which I am about to test drive.
Eye pillows…which I am about to test drive.

My partner also had a doily dream catcher pinned on her nursery board. Some of the colors she requested for her little girl perfectly matched a flower doily that has been in my stash forever. So in an effort to work with what I have and still make something fabulous, I went digging. After some trims, feathers and rhinestones, I have something (I hope) she will be thrilled with.

A fun dream catcher for a little girls room.
A fun dream catcher for a little girls room.

Besides all these little goodies, I have also been continuing on with the painting for our living room wall. I really want to get that done before the new little guy shows up. I think I may get a bit more done on it tomorrow night and share a picture…or two.

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